• Create your event app by following the steps mentioned here
  • Select your event
  • Click "Mobile App" from the Active Modules section on the Dashboard

  • Click on Manage in the App Layout section

  • Click on "+Add New Feature"

  • Search for "Engagement" and click on Add.

  • From the list of “Available features” drag “Engagement” and drop it in “Added to the App

  • Go to the Content tab and click on the added Engagement feature

  • Click on the "+New Item" button present beside the Search box and click on "Quiz" from the list.

  • Add a name to your quiz and click on "Create Quiz"
  • Add the Question and choose the type of answer for the question. We are using a question with the answer type Single Select.

    Once added, click on "Create"

  • Add the Options to the Question. To add more options, click on "+Add New Option" 

    Note: For the answer types Single Select, Multi-Select, and Image Options, you should mark at least one option as the right answer.

    Click on "Save" once done.

  • To add another question, click on "+Add New Question"

  • Once you have added the questions, click on the name of the Quiz and add points. This will award the set number of points to the attendees when they complete the quiz with all the right answers

    Click on "Publish"

  • Click on "Yes"

  • Now the Quiz is live.

    Where to find the Responses of the Quiz?

    • You can find the Quiz responses by downloading individual reports of each Quiz. To download the report -
      • Go to the Engagement tab in the Content section
      • Go to the "Published" section
      • You will see the response count for each quiz
      • The Download button next to the quiz will give you the report
    • The Close button next to the Quiz title lets you decide if you want the users not to be able to answer that particular Quiz.

    With this, we have covered this article. Please do reach out to us at support@nunify.com if you need any further help or you think it can be improved.