• Create your event app by following the steps mentioned here
  • Select your event
  • Click "Mobile App" from the Active Modules section on the Dashboard

  • Click on Manage in the App Layout section

  • Click on "+Add New Feature"

  • Search for "Engagement" and click on Add.

  • From the list of “Available features” drag “Engagement” and drop it in “Added to the App

  • Go to the Content tab and click on the added Engagement feature

  • Click on the "+New Item" button present beside the Search box and click on "Video Contest" from the list.

  • Fill in the necessary required details. You can set the length of the video that can be uploaded from the "Duration" field (in seconds) and click on "Create"

    Note: This will save the Video Contest in Draft Mode.

  • To make it live, click on "Publish" present against the added Video Contest. This will enable the users to start participating by uploading videos on the app. ("How to" document Coming Soon)

  • Click on "Yes"

  • The Video Contest is now live.

Where to find the Responses of the Video Contest?

  • You can find the Contest Responses by downloading individual reports of each video contest. The report contains links to the posts uploaded by all the users within the chosen time frame. To download the report
    • Go to the Engagement tab in the Content section
    • Go to the "Published" section
    • You will see the response count for each Contest
    • The Download button next to the Video Contest will give you the report
  • The Close button next to the Video Contest title lets you decide if you want the users not to be able to participate in the contest anymore or not.
  • The users can Like videos uploaded by others.
  • You can also set the maximum length of the video that can be uploaded.

With this, we have covered this article. Please do reach out to us at support@nunify.com if you need any further help or you think it can be improved.