We will cover the following topics:

  • What does the feature do?
  • How the feature looks when in action?
  • How to set up the feature?
  • How to add content to the feature?
  • Additional Details

What does the feature do?

The “People” tab in the CMS, is the place where the admin can Add/View/Edit/Delete the Event attendees, Speakers, or hosts. 

Admin can also create and manage different Groups and from this tab.

How the feature looks when in action?

The User Management feature is shown in action with the help of some screenshots. The screenshot below is the list of all the users including hosts, speakers, and attendees.

How to set up the feature?

The "User Management" feature is available by default in the Admin Portal.

How to add Content to the feature?

  • Go to https://cms.nunify.com
  • Select your event
  • Click on "People"
  • To add a User - Click on “Add User” and fill in the necessary details and click on Save.
  • To view User details - Click on the Name of the particular user.
  • To Edit User details - Click on the field that needs to be edited. Once done editing, click Save.
  • To Deactivate user - Click on Ban/Deactivate button (user cannot access, but data is retained )
  • To delete a user - Click on Delete and confirm “Delete”. The user will be deleted forever.

- To Bulk Import Users 

Preparing the Sheet to import

  • Click on the three dots present beside "Add User"
  • Click on "Import Users"
  • Click on "Download Template"
  • Once the import data is ready, copy and paste the rows in the format as given in the sample spreadsheet.
  • Ensure that the upload sheet is the first sheet in the workbook while importing the users. The system ONLY imports the first sheet from the workbook.
  • Ensure that there are no “N/A” or “#ERROR!” entries in any of the cells.
  • Download the same in .xlsx format.
  • Click on “Import Users” present beside the Search Bar.
  • Choose the Download .xlsx file and click on “Prepare to Import”
  • If the data in the file is as per the requirements, the system will not popup errors, you can click on “Looks Good, Import” and the users will be imported.
  • If there are any errors, the system will pop up an error message with details. You can rectify the error and re-upload the file.


  • First Name and Email address are mandatory for each user. No two users should have the same email address.

- Locked/Blocked Users 

This is a list of all the users that have been banned/deactivated from the system. These users cannot access the app, but user-generated data is retained. The user accounts can be unlocked by the admin and the user will be reinstated.

- Manage Groups

This is used to create and manage groups. The Manage Groups feature is unique because of its capabilities of Dynamic Grouping where the users being added can be assigned to a particular group automatically based on the required Group Conditions.

  • To set up a Group -
  • Click on “Add Group”   

  • Add the necessary details for the Group

  • Click on “Save”

  • To assign a user to a group Click on the Name of the user and scroll down to “Groups”, type Group Name and choose. Click on “Save”

Note: You can also assign users to a group by using the User Import Function. Please 

  • To set up a Dynamic Group -
  • Click on “Add Group”   

  • Add the necessary details for the Group

  • Set up the required Rule by choosing a parameter to set the “IS” condition.

For example - If the Designation is CEO, assign the user automatically to the group CEO.

  • Click on “Add” once done.

  • You can add multiple rules for a group by clicking on “ADD” after each rule.

  • Once the rules are added, click on “Save”.

All the Groups created will be visible in the “Groups” section. Click on “Show More” to view all groups.

- Additional Fields

This feature is used to collect data from the people while they are logging in to the app for the first time. For example, if you want to collect the Phone Number of the person logging in, you can add a Phone Field and mark it as mandatory if required, and Click on Save.

Note: Each user will be taken to the Edit Profile screen when they are accessing the app for the first time

- Manage User Report

The Manage user report allows you to create custom reports based on your requirements. 

You will be able to add the required columns and set necessary filters once done, click on "Download Report"

Additional Details

  • You can create and automatically mail the custom reports to required stakeholders on a daily, monthly, or weekly basis
  • The banned users cannot access the event. However, the data related to them is still retained.
  • Once the user is deleted, the related user data is also wiped off permanently

With this, we have covered the User Management section. Please do reach out to us at support@nunify.comif you need any further help or you think it can be improved and we would be happy to help.