• To send unique QR Codes for your attendees, follow the steps mentioned here.

  • To set up the check-in, you should download the Checkin by AIDAHUB app from the App Store.

    Note: The app is only available for iOS devices with versions above iOS 12. We recommend using an iPad for the best check-in experience.

  • Once the app is downloaded, log in to your account with your Email and Password. This will be the same email address with which you would have accessed the admin portal

  • Choose your event

  • Confirm if the Date and Time displayed are correct. If not, click on Update Date & Time and set the correct time. Then click on Next in the top right corner.

  • Set the Scan Mode to Self Checkin and click on Next

  • Choose the added location for multiple location check-in. If there are no locations, click on "None". We recommend using a location, you can set up a location by following the steps mentioned in this link.

  • Click on "Finish"

    Note: Choose a printer that comes into the picture if you wish to print the attendee QR code on a badge. To enable that, you need to first design a badge, you can find more details here

  • Now you will see the list of all registered/uploaded attendees. To start check-in, click on Start host check-in

  • Provide Camera Access.

  • The attendees can scan the QR Code by themselves and check-in. You can test check-in by registering as an attendee and scanning the QR code received in the email

  • Now the attendee is successfully checked in

  • To view the list of checked-in attendees, follow the steps mentioned here.

With this, we have covered this article. Please do reach out to us at support@nunify.com if you need any further help or you think it can be improved.