Follow the below mentioned steps:

  • Go to

  • Select your event

  • Click on Content from the navigation bar
  • Click on Polls
  • Click on Add a Poll
  • Provide the following details:
    • To (Recommended) - This allows you to either show the Poll features to all the users or show it to only a certain group of users
    • Add Image (Option) - This allows you to post an image related to your question.
    • Enter the Question (Mandatory)
    • Enter the Add new option (Mandatory)-This allows you to add options 
    • Click on Save
    • You can add multiple questions in a similar way
    • Once all the questions have been added, tap on Publish
    • The questions will now be visible to the attendees

With this, we have covered this article. Please do reach out to us at if you need any further help or you think it can be improved.