• Go to cms.nunify.com

  • Select your event

  • Click on  App Layout from the design section (LHS)

  • Ensure that the Stage feature is part of the Added to the App section. If not, then please add it from the Available Features list on the left

  • Now, click on Content and then search for Stage

  • Now click on Add session

  • Select RTMP/OBS stream from the list of streaming options available 

  • Tap on Save

  • Now, provide the details about the session. This includes:

    • Basic Info:

      • Title: This is the title of the session for eg., Keynote (Mandatory)

      • Description: This is the session description

      • Start Time: Start time of the session, the system will allow you to pick the time in your selected timezone. For attendees, the time will adjust automatically based on their location (Mandatory)

      • End Time: End time of the session, the system will allow you to pick the time in your selected timezone. For attendees, the time will adjust automatically based on their location (Mandatory)

  • Speakers: You can search for the speakers to be marked for this particular session 
  • Additional Info:
  • Track: This can be used if you wish to segregate sessions based on a parameter, either by topic or by rooms (optional)
  • Image: You can upload an image here which will be shown in the app as the session thumbnail. If no image will be added, the system will show the event icon by default (optional)
  • Where is the session happening: This can be used to mark the location of the session, if applicable (optional)
  • Custom Banner Image: The image uploaded here will be shown to each attendee before the session goes LIVE. This can be used to show a custom message to the attendees (optional)
  • After adding the details, tap on Save
The below-mentioned details can now be added to the session:
  • Documents: If you wish to give handouts/documents to the attendees during a session, you can upload files in this section. Attendees can download files on their own during the session. We support PDFs, Excel, Images, Presentations (optional)
  • Streaming: Please copy the RTMP endpoints i.e the RTMP URL & the RTMP token. These values will be used to navigate the stream to nunify

How to setup the OBS software for streaming?

The steps mentioned pertain to the MacOS, steps for windows and linux might vary

  •  Go the this link and download and install OBS Studio. For Mac OS users, download and install the OBS Virtual Cam plugin as well
  • The OBS interface you will see after installation:
  • Add Video Source by clicking the ‘+’ icon in the Sources tab

  • Provide a name to the source and then tap on OK

  • Double-click on the source and tap on Device, select FaceTime HD camera or CamLink (if you’re using DSLR/ SLR cameras) and then click on OK.

  • Now click on Settings (present in the RHS of the screen)

  • Click on Stream
  • Click on Service and select Custom Live Streaming
  • In the Server field paste the RTMP URL copied from the Add Session screen
  • In the Stream Key field paste the RTMP Token copied from the Add Session screen
  • Click on OK

  • When you are ready to go LIVE, tap on Start streaming

  • Now go the event and select the session in which the stream has been setup, once you start receiving the feed on nunify, tap on START

  • The stream will now be visible to your audience
  • Once the session is over, you need to click on “Stop Streaming” on OBS


  • If there are multiple sessions where RTMP streaming is being used, each session will have its own unique RTMP endpoints i.e the RTMP URL & the RTMP token

With this, we have covered the RTMP/OBS stream. Please do reach out to us at support@nunify.comif you need any further help or you think it can be improved and we would be happy to help.