1. In the event dashboard, click on the event app card, then select the App Theme on the left menu.

  2. Brand Color - This is your event’s brand color. This color is applied to the event app’s navigation bar and heading bars and is visible throughout the app.

  3. Action Color - This color is applied to all the app's buttons and other interactive elements.

  4. Tab Color - Some pages in the app have tabs. For example, the agenda has tabs for each day of your event. This color is applied to these tabs in the app. Usually, the tab color is a lighter or darker variant of your primary color.

  5. Background Color - This color is applied to all the page’s backgrounds.

  6. Background Image - If you’d like to use an image as the background for the mobile app, you can upload that image in the background image section.

  7. Card Color - Content in the app is usually presented as cards. Sessions in an Agenda or posts on the event wall are cards. This color is applied as the background color to these cards. It’s a good idea to select a card color that stands out on top of your favorite Background color is a good idea.

  8. When you change these colors, ensure that you hit the save button to persist these changes. Once saved, you can see the changes applied instantly on the mobile & web app.