1. Dynamic groups are rule-based groups. These groups are not manually assigned to attendees. Instead, nunify automatically assigns attendees to these groups when their profile satisfies the conditions you have set up.

  2. In the event dashboard, click on the people in the top bar. This brings up the list of all attendees.

  3. In the left-hand side menu, click on ‘Manage Groups’ under the settings section. This will bring up the list of all groups currently present for the event.

  4. Click the ‘Add group’ button. This will bring up a modal with a form to create a new group.

  5. Put in the group name, which is mandatory.

  6. Click on the advanced section and enable the “Dynamic group” checkbox. This will let you add rules based on which attendees get auto-assigned to this group.

  7. Click on “Add rule”. This brings up the rule form. The rule form contains the parts. Select the field on which you want to base the rule from the first dropdown. In the second drop-down, select the comparison method in the third drop-down, and put in the value. For example, you can create a group named “google employees” by selecting “email” on the first dropdown, “contains” on the second dropdown, and putting in the value “@google.com” in the third field. So all attendees with email addresses containing @google.com will be added to this group automatically.

  8. You can add multiple rules. When multiple rules are present, attendees are added to this group only when all the rules are satisfied.

  9. Once you’ve set up the rules, click save to create the group. Existing attendees who fit the criteria will automatically be added to this group. Once saved, the modal will close, and the list of groups will include the newly added group.