1. Select the “Engage” Page. This will list all engagement items, including published photo contests.

  2. Find the published photo contest you want to send notification for. Click on the “bell” icon  on the photo contest card. 

  3. Now a notification modal will appear, add “Notification Title” , “Notification Text” , you can also add “Media” to the notification.

  4. Once you finish filling out the details, you can click on the “Send Now” button to send the notification. 

  5. If you wish to schedule the notification, you can click on the “Send at a scheduled time” button. You must select a desired date and time and then “Save” it for the notification to be scheduled on time. 

  6. If you wish to keep the notification on draft stage, you can click on the “Save as Draft” button for the notification to be saved as draft. 

  7. When an attendee taps on this notification, they will be directly taken to the Photo Contest Page.