How to add tasks to a scavenger hunt?

1. In the Event Dashboard, click on the "Content" tab from the sidebar.

2. Select the "Engagement" feature page.

3. Now click on the "Edit" option within the desired scavenger hunt card. This will open a task modal.

4. Click on the “Create Task” button and proceed to fill up the relevant details.

5. Select the “type” of the task, and add “task title” and “task description,” in the form.

6. To generate the code that will be scanned by the attendees, enter the "QR code text" and click on the "Download QR code" button, which will automatically download the QR code to your system.

Tip: The code can be printed on a poster or displayed on a projection screen so that the attendees can scan it, complete the task, and win points.

7. Click "Create"

8. Now a task is created within the Scavenger Hunt Challenge contest.

9. Please note each scavenger hunt can have multiple tasks, and each quiz task can have multiple questions.