About the Feature: The Plus One feature in the Check-In app enables the host to track the number of people attending the event in addition to the invited attendees. The host can update the maximum number of adults and kids allowed per attendee.

Updating the Plus One Setting via the Admin Portal:

  1. Access your event and navigate to the "Check-In" section.
  2. Under settings, click on "Check-In Settings"
  3. Toggle on "Allow Plus Ones" and update the number of Adults and Kids.
  4. Click on the "Save" button.

Note: Any changes made for the Check-In App in the Admin Portal must also be updated within the Check-In by Nunify app. To do this, tap on the settings section of the app and tap on "Reload Configuration". This ensures that all changes made in the Admin portal reflects in the Check-In app.

Updating the Plus One Setting via the Check-In by Nunify App (iOS):

  1. Search for and access your event within the app.
  2. Once you access your event, Tap on the Settings icon in the top left corner.
  3. Navigate to the "Advanced" section and update the Plus Ones, then tap on 'Save.

Usage of the Feature after updating the Plus One Settings:

1. From the Check-In App, scan the attendee's profile.

2. Tap on the "Check-In" button on the screen below.

3. Select the correct number of adults and kids who are attending the event alongside the primary attendee and tap on Confirm.