Nunify's HubSpot integration provides automatic synchronization to move registrations taken in Nunify as Contacts in HubSpot. The integration also allows creating Attendees in Nunify from Contacts present in HubSpot.

To Connect HubSpot with your Nunify account follow the below steps

1) Open the admin portal, and click Connected Apps on the left navigation.

2) Click on "Connect" on the Hubspot integration. This will open up a window where you'll be prompted to login to HubSpot select the HubSpot account that you want to connect to nunify. You will also then be prompted to grant permissions to nunify to perform actions on your account.

3) Once you have selected the account and granted the permissions, your account will be connected to nunify and you can start setting up the integrations. At any time, you can disconnect your HubSpot account from nunify by using the "disconnect" button.