1. Nunify supports the integration of OIDC (OpenID Connect) login mechanism to provide SSO functionality for the admin portal. To implement SSO, you must engage your organization's SSO implementation team to arrange OIDC and transmit specific credentials back to Nunify.
  2. This integration is available in enterprise plans only. If you require access to this feature, please send an email to support@nunify.com, and we'll help you from there.
  3. Here are the details to be shared with your SSO team:
    1. Set up the following Redirect URIs
      1. For Development
        1. https://local.cms.nunify.com/login/oidc-callback
      2. For Production
        1. https://cms.nunify.com/login/oidc-callback
    2. Mandatory properties
      1. First Name of the user
      2. Email Address of the user
  4. Upon the SSO team's successful arrangement of OIDC using the data mentioned above, we require the following information to be shared with us:
    1. CLIENT ID 
    2. CLAIMS
    3. Well know configuration URL (This will look similar to this - https://accounts.google.com/.well-known/openid-configuration)
    4. Test user's credentials (username/email & password) with all properties set up for testing.
  5. After completing these tasks, we will initiate the SSO integration. Typically, this process takes about ten days to complete.